Go Deep!

Order the smart way to not lose money

With the NFL season upon us we want to encourage you to Go Deep!  No, not for a hail mary pass, but with your menu and how you order products from us and other vendors. When we sit around a table for a Tasting with a new potential outlet we advise them to go deep and not too wide when ordering off our menu. 

What we mean by this is to choose a few best sellers and order a number of them rather than ordering one of every variety. The benefits of smart ordering like this are many:

  1. When you always have that sandwich your customers love, they can rely on you for their needs. If they come wanting a specific sandwich and you don't have it, they may not come back looking for it again. Build trust by being consistent in what you offer. 
  2. If you have a few staples, say 3 best selling varieties, you can use our menu choices to add variety to your menu while still being reliable to your customers. For example you can always have the Chicken Pesto Panini, Spinach and Artichoke, and the Chicken Bacon Ranch Panini and then rotate between our 3 other varieties on a weekly, monthly, or even seasonal basis. 
  3. No one will ever eat the last of anything!  So, if you order only one of something it starts as the last one. Studies have show this is not a smart way to merchandise any product. It is interesting to watch a muffin sit alone in a case and as soon as another is added they sell. We can be fickle people but it works out to be true most of the time, people don't buy the last one!
  4. A full case will outsell an empty case. By going deep and not wide you can fill your case and be consistent for your customers. Be a trusted stop for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Train your team to stock accordingly. People will buy baked goods all day long if they are out. People will grab a sandwich in the morning for their lunch if they can count on your supply. Stock your case with long shelf life items like Sammies, Parfaits, Hummus and Paninis. Stock your counter with wrapped impulse buys like Breads, Cookies and Bars. These items should be a zero waste item for you and a great go-to for your customers any time of day. 

So Go Deep and increase your sales. Being a trusted stop for your customers needs will help make repeat customers. 


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Manage your inventory the smart way

Golden Rule of the Kitchen = First In First Out (FIFO)

Packaged with “Best By Dates” (Panini, Sandwiches, Salads, Snacks, Yummy):

  1. Rotate stock according to FIFO. Train your team to do this for every fridge, display or shelf in your shop, for every product you have. 
  2. Use common sense. Share Good Foods uses “Best By” dates so that our customers can choose how to manage their inventory. 

Packaged with “Julian Dates” (Sammies, Treats, Breads):

1. Create an internal system for rotation. 

Ideas - Use Day Dots for your own Best By date system.  - Buy on Amazon -

Dated for use by May 5th with sharpie.

Dated for use by May 5th with sharpie.

Use a Sharpie to “date” the product (See photo to right)

Train your team to rotate FIFO

2. All Share Good Foods packaged items with Julian Dates can be frozen. This will maximize your shelf life and always ensure you have a great selection for your guests. We always recommend an over-night refrigerated thaw for perishable items. Counter thaw is fine for bakery products. 

Unpackaged (Muffins, Scones, Pastries):

1. Create an internal system for rotation.

Ideas - Mark the incoming order boxes with the date received.

“Use First” stickers can go on your previous order’s box so staff can easily manage the FIFO principal.

- Buy on Amazon

2. Organize your display to ensure that the “older” items are sold first. 

For example, if you have long trays in a glass case, load new items in the front (customer side) so that the older products are always in closer reach of your staff and pulled first to sell. 

Tips for Merchandising and Minimizing Loss:

Screenshot 2018-04-30 15.06.28.png

1. Highlight the display of items that approaching their shelf life. The closer to your POS the better. 

2. Run a special to entice customers to purchase. For example “Panini, Iced Coffee and Cookie  Lunch Special”. Specials will promote your offerings and prevent loss.

3. Sample to win new customers. Everyone loves free. Be sure your team can promote the items well. 

4. Remember, your team is your sales force. Train them to be natural and promote their favorites.

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Rotate your Stock

SGF 1 copy.jpg

The idea is very simple but can be helpful for your sales. Move your stock… re-arrange it. That way customers need to look for what they are familiar with and they may find something new. It may sound silly but we are all creatures of habit. Your customer will get stuck in a rut if you let them. By moving things around from time to time you are helping them explore with out them evening know it. It may sound silly and over simplified but give it a try and see what you think. 


GOAL= ZERO food waste


GOAL= ZERO food waste

It's is fully possible to have ZERO food waste! 

We recommend these three tips when you see a product is approaching it's Best By Date:

  1. Sample the food to your customers
  2. Give the food to your employees
  3. Do a promotion for the food

SAMPLES: It is ALWAYS a good idea to regularly sample your products for your customers to try. It will create excitement and help people learn about and enjoy your delicious offerings. Everyone loves a free sample!!

GIVE to your employees: Your employees are your sales force and if they know and love the food they will sell it. It will be natural for them to share what they love with customers, so give them things to try on a regular basis. 

PROMOTIONS: We don't recommend discounting food because it makes perfectly good food sound old or expired. Instead, a promotion is a great way to move product that has reached its "best by" date. Do a Buy-One-Get-One, or a Drink and Sandwich combo deal. Even a $5 Sandwich Deal looks better than "Half Off Sandwiches". 

In addition to these sales ideas, we would recommend you check out the resources on the Food Waste Reduction Alliance website.



10 Benefits of Outdoor Workouts From Rachel Meyer Fitness

So many of us spend our lives thinking productive exercise only comes in the form of bicep curls at the gym; however, the outdoors provides a plethora of health benefits that simply can’t be found in a gym.

After moving to Colorado 3 years ago, hiking became my favorite form of exercise.

Screenshot 2018-01-02 09.20.26.png

It has become a form of self-care and adventure rather than something I check off my list.

If your New Year’s plan for exercise feels like a form of punishment, you simply won’t do it long-term. I challenge you to take advantage of the beautiful state we live in and schedule regular workouts in the outdoors.

10 Benefits of Outdoor Workouts

1. Mood booster.

Being in nature has proven to boost the mood. One study that analyzed two groups of exercisers, one in an urban environment and the other away from the city, showed that the group in a natural environment experienced greater stress reduction and mood improvement.

2. Creativity enhancer.

Being outdoors and away from our screens boosts our creative thinking. If you’re trying to get a breakthrough on a project at work or just get out of the mental funk you’ve been in, a little sweat in the outdoors is what the doctored ordered.

3. Natural incline.

Rather than walking on the belt of a treadmill and adding “elevation”, try using the stairs at your local high school, finding a hill at the park or hitting a trail with some incline.

4. Full body workouts at the park.

One of my favorite workout routines to do is just 1/2 mile from my front door.

Monkey bars, pullups, step ups and “box jumps” on the bench, toes 2 bar, pushups, balance moves….you name it.

5. Killer sprint workouts.

No other exercise has proven to get your body faster results than regular sprints. I like to run between the lacrosse goals at our local park.

Gone are the days of running on the treadmill for 2 hours a day.

Have you ever noticed has strong sprints are? Yeah, do what they do.

No other exercise makes my core as sore as sprints…..!

6. Smelling fresh air and pine trees instead of stale sweat at the gym.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a good workout at the Crossfit gym, but the smells of the outdoors just can’t be beat! In fact, the smell of pine has been coined “the smell of stress relief.”

7. You aren’t comparing yourself to everyone else.

When you are on the trails hiking or paddle boarding on a beautiful body of water, you aren’t worried about how you or anybody else looks. Your focus is on the beauty around you and taking it all in.

8. More variety and adventure.

I’m all about throwing the barbell around in my garage gym, but when I can do pullups on pine trees, chop firewood for the campfire, snowshoe, climb trees, hike 14ers, plank on my paddle board, yoga at the park, monkey bar with my kids and sprint in the fresh air, you can guarantee I’m taking advantage of that as much as I can.

9. Vitamin D

Low levels of vitamin D have been shown to be a cause of low immunity and frequent illness during the winter.

Additionally, low Vitamin D levels contribute to seasonal affect disorder and

There’s no better way to get your levels up then 15 minutes in the sunlight. You get a double-whammy health benefit here!

10. Enhances energy levels.

Have you ever stepped outside in the cold air in the winter and felt immediately energized?

As long as you are dressing appropriately so the cold doesn’t make you miserable, the winter chill is going to have you energized for hours.

Stock up on Power Pucks and the new Gluten-Free Muffins from Share Good Foods to fuel your outdoor adventures! They are packed with nutrient-dense, complex carbohydrates that stabilize blood sugars and provide natural energy.




Sales Tip: P.O.S. Ice Bucket Display

Lunch staged ice bicket

Lunch staged ice bicket

A POS display is a great way to move product fast by placing it top of mind for both customers and employees. Just like last month when we talked about always asking if someone would like food with their drink, placing product near the POS will create a beautiful visual reminder in addition to the ask. 

Here is a link to a great bucket like the one pictured in this post from amazon: Click Here

Using an POS display will accomplish a number of things for you:

  • Puts the product you want at the top of mind for both your customers and employees. 
  • Makes a sales goal really easy to communicate to your staff: Sell everything in the bucket!
  • Place product you want to move in a prime location: possibly product that is overstocked or close to expiration. 
  • Adds convince and encourages impulse purchasing 

A number of our top outlets use an ice bucket most every day, a few times a day. In the morning they stock it with breakfast products then at lunch time they switch it out with product appropriate for that time. We would recommend anyone trying to sell more product implement similar strategies that fit your unique situation. 

Breakfast staged ice bucket

Breakfast staged ice bucket



From the Field …

Tips and Tricks from Share Good Foods Customers in the Food and Beverage Industry.

Share Good Foods reached out to one of our top accounts in the coffee business to get their expert advice on increasing food sales. Her stores average over 25% of their revenue in Food sales. Here’s to great sales and happy customers!

ice bucket.jpg

Lunch time “ice bucket”

display to promote all the yummy selections for a customer.


  • Would you like something to eat with that? 
  • Would you like some breakfast?  
  • Are you hungry?  
  • Have you tried any of our food? 

I don’t ask all these questions to the same person.  I will ask one of these questions.  Over the years I have realized that most people are thankful that I asked.  Many times I have heard, “Oh thank you, yes I need breakfast.”  “Oh, I didn’t know you had breakfast.” Yes, I need ________.“


2. Show people how GOOD the food is! —

People are funny- most do not want to spend their money if they have any doubt that it will be good. So, over come that barrier . . . 



Stack up several items so everything is approachable and inviting. No museum displays!

Samples - I try to have lots of samples so they will be able to know it is good and worth their money.  I will sample out all our food at different times of the day. Sammies, breads, scones and pastries usually in the morning. Sandwiches and panini over the lunch hour.  Cookies, Truffle Brownies, Power Pucks, Krispie Bars at lunch or in the afternoon. Sometimes I will look at our stock to see what we have lots of and sample out that item. 

Displays - I also like to change my displays. I will have wrapped breads and coffee cake stacked on a cake plate for a couple of days then I will put them on a wooden tray and move it to the other side of the point of sale (POS).  We are creatures of habit and some people never look to see what you have by the POS.   




Keep it clean and full - The display trays that are in the display case need to be clean.  I have all the crumbs picked up and the display trays full.  I think that is really part of the success. It looks like I believe in the product because I have invested and have lots of it to chose from.  Now there will be a time when I have sold out of most of them but in the morning my tray will be full again.   



Be your best advertising - Encourage your staff to eat the food.  Give them a very generous discount, allow them to eat all the expired food offer them a Sammie for breakfast.  When your staff likes the food or at least have tried it, they can promote it to customers.  Many people will ask “what’s your favorite panini? Sandwich? Muffin?  Oatmeal?

Screenshot 2017-10-31 17.27.38.png