It's is fully possible to have ZERO food waste! 

We recommend these three tips when you see a product is approaching it's Best By Date:

  1. Sample the food to your customers
  2. Give the food to your employees
  3. Do a promotion for the food

SAMPLES: It is ALWAYS a good idea to regularly sample your products for your customers to try. It will create excitement and help people learn about and enjoy your delicious offerings. Everyone loves a free sample!!

GIVE to your employees: Your employees are your sales force and if they know and love the food they will sell it. It will be natural for them to share what they love with customers, so give them things to try on a regular basis. 

PROMOTIONS: We don't recommend discounting food because it makes perfectly good food sound old or expired. Instead, a promotion is a great way to move product that has reached its "best by" date. Do a Buy-One-Get-One, or a Drink and Sandwich combo deal. Even a $5 Sandwich Deal looks better than "Half Off Sandwiches". 

In addition to these sales ideas, we would recommend you check out the resources on the Food Waste Reduction Alliance website.