Order the smart way to not lose money

With the NFL season upon us we want to encourage you to Go Deep!  No, not for a hail mary pass, but with your menu and how you order products from us and other vendors. When we sit around a table for a Tasting with a new potential outlet we advise them to go deep and not too wide when ordering off our menu. 

What we mean by this is to choose a few best sellers and order a number of them rather than ordering one of every variety. The benefits of smart ordering like this are many:

  1. When you always have that sandwich your customers love, they can rely on you for their needs. If they come wanting a specific sandwich and you don't have it, they may not come back looking for it again. Build trust by being consistent in what you offer. 
  2. If you have a few staples, say 3 best selling varieties, you can use our menu choices to add variety to your menu while still being reliable to your customers. For example you can always have the Chicken Pesto Panini, Spinach and Artichoke, and the Chicken Bacon Ranch Panini and then rotate between our 3 other varieties on a weekly, monthly, or even seasonal basis. 
  3. No one will ever eat the last of anything!  So, if you order only one of something it starts as the last one. Studies have show this is not a smart way to merchandise any product. It is interesting to watch a muffin sit alone in a case and as soon as another is added they sell. We can be fickle people but it works out to be true most of the time, people don't buy the last one!
  4. A full case will outsell an empty case. By going deep and not wide you can fill your case and be consistent for your customers. Be a trusted stop for breakfast, lunch and even dinner. Train your team to stock accordingly. People will buy baked goods all day long if they are out. People will grab a sandwich in the morning for their lunch if they can count on your supply. Stock your case with long shelf life items like Sammies, Parfaits, Hummus and Paninis. Stock your counter with wrapped impulse buys like Breads, Cookies and Bars. These items should be a zero waste item for you and a great go-to for your customers any time of day. 

So Go Deep and increase your sales. Being a trusted stop for your customers needs will help make repeat customers.