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Do Good Things Dinner @ The Thomas Garage  

Join us for a night with others who are Doing Good around Denver. We gather to connect!  

This time we have the privilege of gathering @ The Thomas Garage, an amazing car collection in Englewood. 

Enjoy a night of Sharing Good Food, Good People, Classic Cars, and Doing Good for the City of Englewood. We will be facilitating round-table “think tank” discussions around current issues facing the City of Englewood. At the end of the night we will present our ideas and learn from each other. Come help us learn together and grow towards solving issues like poverty, homelessness, and drug abuse. 

RSVP’s close Feb 28th at 9pm.

This is an invitation only event.  It is free of charge and space is very limited. If someone you know is a "Do Gooder" in Denver and not on the list please email and Mike will send them an invite.  

Dinner sponsored by Seed Fundraisers



Dinner provided by Chef on the Rocks - Shayna Martin