Our Story

Share Good Foods was born in a coffee house in 2010 in response to a languishing lunchtime fare.  The morning coffee business was brisk but as lunch approached customers vanished and fast food bags appeared; yet, there were baked goods, sandwiches, salads, and grab and go items available for purchase.

What’s the problem here!?  Well, we discovered our guests wanted a better selection of food items that were of higher quality than our current vendors could deliver.

Were there other vendors we could turn to? No.  Should we become more like a café making everything from scratch and less like a coffee house? No.  Should we give up on selling food items all together? No.  Should we close earlier and bag the idea of building a stronger community through our coffee house? No.  Could we do better? Yes!

We decided to meet to the challenge by creating our own quality fresh food items that people would enjoy sharing with one another.  We knew we could give our customers great food quickly if we prepared everything fresh daily for them to see in our display case while keeping our coffee shop mentality of delivering hand crafted goodness in 5 minutes or less.  We also felt delivering cold sandwiches from a display case sounded a lot like buying food from a vending machine so we committed to grill every sandwich on a Panini grill to unleash the warmth of the sandwich we had made from scratch.

Our guest’s loved what we had created.  They began to stay for lunch and started to invite friends to join them for some great coffee and food at the coffee house.   We won them over with our version of goodness made every day from scratch.  It actually wasn’t that hard … who doesn’t like sharing a good meal with someone special while catching up on life.

Our Team

Kim Scheid - Owner, Executive Chef

Kim is the inspiration and creative mind behind Share Good Foods. She has created the recipes and is the amazing talent behind all the great food we have the privilege of sharing with others. Kim has been working in the industry since High School and has experience in most all aspects of the food business. Her passion for doing good things and gifting to share good food are what drive us to be who we are.  

Mike Scheid - Owner, Sales, Do Good things


Brad Nixon - Owener, Business development


Caren Nixon - Owner, Sales, marketing