Our Story

Share Good Foods was born in a coffee house in 2010. We discovered our guests wanted a better selection of food items that were of higher quality than our current vendors could deliver. We decided to meet to the challenge by creating our own quality fresh food items that people would enjoy sharing with one another. We knew that everything would need to be fresh, top quality, easy to serve and simple to manage. Soon, we were sharing our hand-crafted and easy to serve products with other local proprietors. 

In 2012, we acquired our very own FDA kitchen and launched Share Good Foods. We have grown to serve multiple small businesses in Colorado and beyond by referrals from happy customers and consumers. 

We create orders fresh daily and work diligently to offer Quality, Simplicity and Value to our customers to serve to their customers. The basic principles that started our mission are what continue to drive us forward. After all, isn’t it good food that brings people together?

Our mission is simple and on every product we make. Share Good Food - Do Good Things. We are very excited about our Do Good Things initiatives that are making an impact across Denver.  Currently we are working with local non-profit organizations to create work-force development programs to serve their clients. Our community is helping people in need with a “hand up” not a hand out in order to help individuals gain the life and job skills necessary to be self-sufficient. We are so proud to be a part of those efforts. 

Share Good Foods - Do Good Things

Our Team

Kim Scheid - Owner, Executive Chef

Kim is the inspiration and creative mind behind Share Good Foods. She has created the recipes and is the amazing talent behind all the great food we have the privilege of sharing with others. Kim has been working in the industry since High School and has experience in most all aspects of the food business. Her passion for doing good things and gifting to share good food are what drives us to be who we are.  

Mike Scheid - Owner, Sales, Do Good things Initiatives


Brad Nixon - Owner, Business development


Caren Nixon - Owner, Sales, marketing